Serving customers in the Tilley and Rolling Hills areas since 1964!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am new to the area and need to have the gas service for the property I purchased changed to my name, who should I contact?

Please contact our Office Administration staff at 403-964-3653 or

I would like to install a new service into the building that I just built, who should I contact?

Please contact our office at 403-964-3653 or

I need to dig a trench in my yard and I am unsure where the gas line runs, who can I contact?

STOP! Call before you dig. Before doing any digging, you need to contact Alberta 1 Call to locate all underground utilities. If you need additional assistance with locating your gas line after doing an Alberta 1 Call line locate, please contact our Field Supervisor at 403-362-1181.

I am selling my property, will my lawyer transfer my Tirol Gas Co-op Account to the buyer’s name?

No. Please contact our office at 403-964-3653 or for information.

I have a question about my invoice, who can I call?

Please contact our Office Administrator at 403-964-3653 or

I smell gas, what do I do?

If you smell gas or hear the flow of escaping gas, please follow these steps immediately

1. Don’t smoke, light matches, operate electrical switches, use telephones, or create any other source of ignition.

2. Get yourself out of the gas cloud and call Tirol Gas Co-op.’s 24 Hour Emergency line at 403-362-1181 when it is safe to do so.

3. Ventilate by leaving doors and windows open.

4. Shut off your gas if you can.


Natural gas will dissipate into the atmosphere unless confined. Please call Tirol Gas Co-op at 403-362-1181 about all gas odors at and away from our facilities. If the source is unknown, keep note of when and where you detected the odor, the wind direction and how strong the odor was.